Hermods Huskies


This was a project I had done for an athletics depart of a high school. The initial vision was to have a powerful, strong and rebellious logo that can be used on a variety of mediums.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 4.00.50 PM


Going with a modern and simplified version of a husky allows the logo to be recognizable instantly. Also I wanted to go with an inviting logo that can be used on many different types of elements.



Here is the application across stationary materials to have a visual idea about how it will look before it will be printed.

Jacobs Garage

This was a self initiated project of a re-branding of a family own mechanic shop. I thought to myself what are some ways that I could keep the family aspect of the branding and modernize the branding a bit. The things I took into consideration were from the research I did how the logos for auto mechanics are very easy and straight to the point.

I chose to go for an oil drop since oil is one of the major things a car needs to be able to run. Therefore its the lifeblood of the car.



The main logo for Jacobs Garage 


Jacobs_garage-03 cropped

I chose to show the logo in two variations to show the depth of how the oil drop is able to work being positioned in either location.


For the uniform shirts I decided to go with the color grey because using a lighter color seemed to be a more comfortable fit. Also it would be a shirt for more than just the mechanics to wear.


Hand lettered logos

Goals: For this project I set limitations to create branding for various business. Also while constructing the logos by hand and use of the computer as little as possible.
Solution:Use of beautifully crafted hand lettered logos that have a retroesque and human like feel to them. Also that are very legible and recognizable.












Uncommon is a result of creativity

This is a collaboration that I did with David Johnson. The portion that I did on the piece was uncommon. The purpose for this piece was to combine both of our skills. Adding a texture to the piece added more depth and made it more visually appealing. Also while inspiring with an original quote.


Santa Cruz Skateboard company



For this project it was self initiated project. I decided to use a custom logo type for branding. Therefore I felt with the creativeness and freedom that skateboarding has it was a strong approach to take.

Goals: To use a hand lettered logotype that can be used on multiple applications.

Solution: Use of a well structured/free flowing typeface that embodies the creativity and freedom of skateboarding.



santacruzboardSantacruzskateboard santacruz-tshirtfinal T-Shirt Santacruzfinal

Update on my Daily logo design

So far with my daily logo design I have not missed a day. I am very very thankful that I have not missed on yet. At times I felt like giving up to be honest. The beginning at first was pretty hard.

Then I started to gain traction. You know for example when you are running and you feel as if your a machine. There is nothing that can break your mental and physical focus and you just keep going. Another thing I learned is that I produce better results when I do the logo in the morning.

I have been focusing on local restaurants and businesses. A vast majority of them are pretty bad. More so a lot could use a lot of refinement. I was at first a little surprised at the response I was getting. The responses were from the actual companies. But even though I was getting responses I made sure to not let it go to my head.

And now here is the recent logos I’ve done.

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Evan Dooley Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Goals for this project were to apply a natural and authentic friendly feel to The Evan Dooley Memorial Scholarship Fund.



I started with sketching. After a multiple amounts of sketches I came to one that I felt was very strong and captured the essence of the intial objectives.



For the Flyer the continued use of the logo to maintain consistency throughout the branding. Also I chose to use text that is very easy to comprehend and easy to quickly read.

Evan_tshirt T-shirt design with use of the main logo.