Pilot Parallel Pen Review


One of the very early calligraphy tools that I purchased was the pilot parallel pens you see in this video. The parallel pens are used to do gothic and italic calligraphy. I had became more interested in gothic and italic calligraphy than copperplate to be exact.

The Pilot parallel pens are great and very useful. I love the ease of changing the cartridges and how they function.


The Story of Blackletter

I was first introduced to this video by a skilshare class that I took on calligraphy. The video taught me a lot about the history of black letter. Also that reading black letter is a lot easier than normal text.  I really have been enjoying learning the history of callligraphy.

The reason is because I have been teaching myself calligraphy for so long it seems that the more I learn the more I enjoy it. The same can be said for me when it comes to graphic design.

Learning New Techniques to help improve design work

If you have not been following me on instagram I have been learning calligraphy for over 2+ years. I also have done custom logos for various clients. The things that I learned in school I realized that they were good for the time I was in school.  Because there becomes a time when you should have left it behind and found a better technique.

An amazing technique I learned was how to properly use anchor points to vectorize lettering. Before I would plot anchor points and it would take me forever. But thankfully I found a video on youtube explaining how to properly use them. I must say after I was just sitting there thinking wow so this is how its done.

Because it was a technique that I was comfortable doing and one that I had learned awhile ago. Compared to the new one that I learned was as if  light bulb turned on in my head. I must say I came across this video which was perfect timing. Especially since I have been learning calligraphy for so long.

This is my first attempt at using this technique. I was blown away by how much quicker it was for me to do this compared to the way before I would’ve went about doing this.

This is the video below that I came across which taught me one of the best ways to go about getting clean vectorized versions of your calligraphy, lettering work.


What does your work ethic you look like?

Work ethic is something that many believe they have. Well I was so shocked when I learned even more how hard people I admire work. I mean I knew that they worked hard but when I read about Tupac’s work ethic it took my breath away.

The reason is because he did so much in such a short time. When a lot of us just sit and waste the day away. Another thing we do is say oh I’ll do it tomorrow and its not a big deal. The bad thing about doing such things is that it can become a habit.

I know I have talked about work ethic before but it just bothers me when I see others wasting time away. Also when myself I fall victim to getting comfortable and just drifting by without a care in the world. Especially when things tend to get a little difficult or I feel I am not making the progress I can. But I know if it was easy everyone would do it. Then I stop and reflect on how far I have came

The same thing you should do is to stop and reflect on your current situation compared to last year. I know the saying you shouldn’t focus on the past. Well the past is something that you can learn from. So I for one do this constantly and appreciate where I am now.

Remember your work Ethic from a year ago. If you are still using the same work ethic that you had previously it is time for you to step it up and stop being lazy. Stop being comfortable with where you are. Being comfortable with where you are is not a bad thing if you do not want to achieve and or have more. But you know that is ok not everyone wants to have more out of life and they are happy with where they are. Just make sure you are being honest with yourself and life.

2 year recap of Posting to instagram Everyday

I wanted to start the new year out with creating a compilation showcasing my calligraphy journey. I hope you enjoyed it. Because I really was sitting back thinking wow I started from doing work like that.

Have a great day and thanks for checking out my post.

How calligraphy has helped me appreciate life better

Calligraphy is one thing that I am so thankful I have been learning for over 2 years. The effect that it can have ones life is astonishing. For example when you get into calligraphy and learn that you can improve. Also that if you know what you are doing you will get better fast.

Now lets get into the title of the post. Calligraphy has taught me that one: Fail, fail, fail and fail some more. Through the attempts that you have made you will succeed. Also that you have to slow the hell down and appreciate the fine details.
Because with calligraphy there are many fine details. The fine details of the letters, the details of the flourishes are breathtaking.

Second thing calligraphy has taught me is to believe in my work even more. Because when you start learning calligraphy it can be hard to keep at it. The reason is how many people get frustrated and or get bored. If you stick with something and don’t give up you will see little bits of progress.

Seeing the progress is what excites me. When I see how each of my finished calligraphy pieces are better each time gets me motivated more and more. Knowing that I came from producing work that I feel was garbage is great.  I say that its great because I know I did not stop at the top and I worked my way up from the bottom.

The third thing is that I want to get better. Knowing that I am able to improve is wonderful. We as humans love to see growth and us to get better. The only way to get better is to fail often. Because if you are not failing in whatever you are doing you will not get better.

The fourth thing is that you should not get comfortable using the same tools over and over. With calligraphy tools there are many that have been used and some that are more comfortable than others. But I for one know that If I have been using a certain tool too often its time to stop using it.

Calligraphy has helped me as a designer tremendously. There is benefit of using your hands to create compared to not using them at all.