Do not let the numbers blind you

By that I mean all the numbers on your social media accounts do not matter as much as you think they do. What would you do if tomorrow the platform you used disappeared? A huge amount of people would be in very very bad shape.

For example you may have a lot followers on your accounts. But you know it is so easy for someone fake being popular. Especially when they think having a lot of followers matters. I for one have learned that connecting with people is what matters. You should be replying to comments and etc.

Never feeling as if you are above people who take the time to view your content and etc. Because they took the time out of their day to interact with you. I tend to take the time to value those who do such a thing.

If you have not been valuing the people who follow you and or share your work its time to do so. Also whatever industry you are in and no one knows you its because you have not fully intertwined yourself with those people.

So stop pretending to be popular with whatever numbers you have and no interaction whatsoever with your content. If you have 1000’s of followers but no more than 10 likes its obviously you either bought them and or just did follow trains. You thought taking a shortcut would have helped but it did not help at all.

Taking shortcuts do not last when it comes to building a brand. How long as a company do you think a company that was just starting out would last if they pretended as if they had customers and made it seem like they were selling 1000’s of products when they really were not. People value honesty and even more now. So remember this you can only fake it for so long and eventually you’ll be found out.