When the Going gets tough

When ever the times get tough it will either make you or break you. Well not just the times a lot of heartbreak and failure. For example if you are applying to jobs and never get a call back. Experiencing things like that can make you want to give up. I for one experienced it many times.

But you know whenever things like that come my way I know that I will get through it. The same thing will be capable of you. But before you can get through it you have to believe you can get through it. If you do not believe you will make it through then 9 times out of 10 you will not.

First you have to be honest with yourself and what it is that you are doing. Recently I started working at FedEx office. The shift that I am working is third shift. Third shift is such a new experience for me and not something I have ever worked. But you know what I am going to do I am going to do my best while I am working there.

There have been times when I was frustrated because  did not know how to do such things. Another thing that I have to change is to realize that I have a team to help each other. The mentality of my previous day job was completing things in an instant. I know that over time I will it will be a breeze for me. Knowing that it will come easy for me is the same mentality you should say for your situation.

Because We both know that you can do it. Then you and me both will give it the most effort we possibly can. So why would you want to give otherwise. I know many people love sleeping and getting rest. I for the longest only have needed no more than 5 hours of sleep. I am not bragging about having such little sleep. I just feel bad if I wake up and have wasted my whole day in the bed.

I for one want to be all that I can possibly be. No matter how difficult the task may be. No matter how frustrating the task will be you can do it. The reason why I say you can do it instead of getting frustrated or going in your room to lay down face the rough times without fear. You have to run towards them and make them run from you.