Focusing on the things you are doing

Focus that is a very interesting thing don’t you think? How many times have you started something and then lost focus? Losing focus can be detrimental. The reason I say that is because one simple mistake will mess up everything.

Whenever I am doing a calligraphy piece and I am utterly focused and then I misspell a word by a letter or I have a line wave a bit (not straight) its because of me being focused poorly. You have to do your best to be focused. I’m not saying be so focused you forget about everyone else.

More so having a clear focused vision on what it is that you want to do. Especially with creating design projects being focused is important. When I am starting off a project for a client if I am not focused and confident all the way through then it will turn out poorly. I’ll admit I did experience this often. But now I know how to diminish that feeling immediately.

Because I want to be the best and so should you. You may be thinking yeah your talking about being focused right now, But I don’t have any clients or I cannot find a Graphic design job. Well you know what I don’t have any clients either and I have not been able to find a Graphic Design Job yet. You and me both have to hang in there. Remain focused and maintain your vision.

While your focused on securing that position and those clients you should be designing. Because if your not then it seems as if you don’t really care too much to be a designer for the long term. Remain focused and continue striving to improve and better yourself.