Knowledge is the new money

This could not be more true today then before. The more knowledge you have just think of how much more valuable you are. But as I have said before you can know everything in the world but if your not applying it then its useless.  Because you can procrastinate on that web design project or logo design project. Maybe your just lazy frustrated that you have not progressed in your work quality.

Well going back and reviewing the rules of design does no harm. Knowing the rules and etc will only help make you better. Then you have to realize that being just a graphic designer is not going to cut it. So therefore learn a skill that will help you create a niche for yourself. For me as you all may know I have been learning web design and calligraphy. Which I really just went to school for graphic design.

The reason I chose calligraphy and web design is because one calligraphy is not something you’d expect a graphic designer to be able to do. Also the upsurge of hand lettering coming back. So in the hand lettering niche I chose calligraphy to specify. Web design I chose it because its a skill that is needed now. Although at times learning web design can get frustrating I don’t give up.

Remember this and you’ll be alright

Don’t wish it were easier wish you were better – Jim Rohn