Calligraphy Vs Hand-Lettering

I recently finished a complete sketchbook and I decided that. Since before I was somewhat playing around with calligraphy and not really taking it seriously at all. My thoughts were yeah this is pretty cool and that is about as far as I got with pursuing calligraphy.

Then I learned about hand lettering and really became amazed by the whole thought of drawing letters by hand and etc. Really knowing that when you sit and watch something take form how amazing it can be. One of the reasons I became so interested in hand-lettering is my fascination with typography. Typography ranging from graffiti to sign painters.

Calligraphy is definitely something that I’m going to continue doing. Because you may think calligraphy? that its so hard too do. When honestly all it requires is for you to relax, have patience and practice practice practice. The kit that I am using currently is Calligraphy The Easy Way (Complete Kit) I would recommend this for beginners. Inside you have gouache paint, fountain pen, inks, dip pen, brush for lettering. Also you have a book on the history of calligraphy that is a quick read also with the chancery calligraphy font and a sketchpad to practice with.

If your interested I recommend picking this up if you want something simple and not super expensive that will give you a good foundation of calligraphy. I also continually update my instagram with calligraphy projects that I have completed. Now If I can just get a better grasp on flourishes to not feel as if I ruined a project. Below is a video showing me working on a quote.

Have a great weekend everyone.