It is officially My Birthday and 26 things I’ve learned that actually matter

Birthday today and I am turning the big 26 and I know I have still quite a ways to go but I’ll definitely get there soon. Oh yeah don’t let me forget the 26 things I’ve learned that actually matter.

  1. Do not depend on anyone but yourself
  2. Self respect and self confidence can take you a long way
  3. Treat everyone like your friend no matter what
  4. Be willing to let the losers fade away
  5. Be willing to go the extra mile
  6. Do a little more each day and do it better
  7. Constantly push yourself to not be average
  8. Learning is a lifelong Journey
  9. Reading helps increase your thought process and vocabulary
  10. You need to have more then one skill
  11. Let things happen naturally
  12. Stop trying to control everything
  13. Make the odds in your favor
  14. Do not make excuses
  15. Nobody has to believe in your dreams but you
  16. Put your blood, sweat, tears, mind body and soul into whatever you do
  17. Passion only helps if you are willing to get up early or after work and grind
  18. Its ok to know a lot of people but whom you know says a lot
  19. Whats easy to do is also easy not to do
  20. Take care of yourself
  21. Use past experiences to help you in the present
  22. Having ton’s of clothes and shoes does not matter in the long run
  23. Give away what you don’t need
  24. There is plenty of money available
  25. You have to know what is going on everywhere
  26. Break the cycle in your family by doing something no one else is doing and keep going until it happens