Managing Your Time Better


Recently I have began to learn that as a freelance designer managing time is such a very important thing to do. Because before I would not have a set schedule of when I would start and stop designing. Also taking on too much work too do. As designer we think oh that magazine is not going to take long to do or designing the logo will only take a few hours.

Well for some that may be the possibility and you have clients that absolutely love everything you do. Then you will have clients that do not love everything you do. You also may end up working extremely long hours and lose track of time. Being able to discipline yourself in regards to time management is vital.

Here’s what I did to start managing my time better

  1. Have a set schedule
  2. Start off first doing whats the hardest thing
  3. Set a designated number of hours I am going to work
  4. One of the most important things dress as if you are going to work

When you dress as if you are going to work it will put you in a different mindset. I learned this from listening to the Seanwes podcast. Doing the simple things will help make a major difference. The most important thing is paying attention to productivity. If you are busy that’s good but what are you busy doing?