Why wishful thinking is not working for you

Hustle Kings

Being a graphic design graduate can be frustrating especially when you do not get any responses from the jobs you’ve applied to. While you are applying to those Jobs what are you doing to set yourself apart from the rest of the other designers. Many people who claim to be a designer next year they will probably not be one or trying to be one.

I have learned recently that while whatever you are pursuing make sure you are busy working. Meaning “Do not sit and watch TV or do anything that will not help move you forward”. If you are for example a fashion designer and you want to become a better fashion designer then learning a new skill will help. One of the most important things I learned from a 50 cent words of wisdom video is when he said ” When I started making music it was full time everyday”.

Just think about how much your life would improve if you took action instead of just thinking about it. You may be a person who says they are waiting for the right time. I’ll admit I used to think there was a time for certain things. But in actuality whenever your time comes are you going to be prepared? Learning new skills will help you in the long haul. Just think of people who found a job thought they would not need to learn other skills, then got laid off and struggled to find work.

There really is not any reason why everyone nowadays does not have more then one skill. You have access to millions probably billions of free articles, videos, tutorials on whatever you want to learn. Remember whatever you are going through someone else has to learn from them. Stop just thinking about something you want to do and go do it.

Make it a priority to take action and if you fail at least you tried and then keep trying until you succeed. The only thing that comes to someone who wishes is a dream without any results.