How it feels to be a Graphic Designer living near Miami


Living near Miami is very interesting for me. The designs that I have seen have been ok and nothing spectacular. It’s almost like you see a website and know the company did not put much time or effort into it. I’m still you can say learning the way of life here. I have met some designers from here thankfully.

Then another thing is I was getting a bit frustrated with applying to Jobs and not getting any responses. Also following up with a phone call and not getting a callback. So I said to myself keep applying and Never give up. Because I am following the Job search marathon guide.

Because its so easy to just give up and quit when things are not working out. I have also been keeping busy with learning how to draw better. Keeping with designing everyday even though I do not have a client or junior design position will prepare me for when the time comes. There’s other designers possibly going through the same thing as me currently. If you are reading this keep designing even though you do not see any rewards yet and continue applying and networking.