My review of owning a blackberry curve and its failed innovation

BlackBerry Collection

When I first seen everyone with a blackberry I instantly wanted one. Then when I got one I got addicted to using it. The simplification of going from the P.O.S phone that I had before made the blackberry great. Then they continued to do the same thing over and over.

They had released the Blackberry storm as a competing phone against the iPhone which was great at the time. But they continued to fail I believe with the problems of the phone. More so releasing Junk and not worrying about releasing quality products.

On the blackberry curve the button placement was a little odd to have the numbers on the left. Which I’ll admit at the time was great. Just that it got a little annoying to deal with. The chunky plastic buttons did not make me feel comfortable owning this phone.

Eventually blackberry started to fall behind. You can only be paid attention to for so long eventually people are going to get bored with you. I for one feel the reason why a company like Apple and Google continue to grow is because they are always innovating.  What did blackberry do to improve peoples lives ? When they tried to innovate it was too late and people no longer cared about them.

Whether you are a designer, speaker, business owner yeah you may be making money now but it will only last for so long. You have to provide value with what you are offering. While doing so make sure you are always looking at ways to improve quickly and not sluggishly.