The Environment Shapes how your work turns out

The Space in which we design and work depends a lot on how our work turns out. Which can mean a good or bad thing. If you are working in such a place as above I’m pretty sure your having a fun filled time designing or It could be the total opposite.  In your working space put up inspirational material on your walls if your able to.

For example I design in my bedroom and then I will move to a place in my home where I normally would not. Switching locations allows for a different mindset on how to work. The same thing can be used as an example when you sleep over a friends house its not going to be the same as if you were at home.

This is what I did to make my workspace more creative

1. I put up inspirational material on the walls

2. I let the sun shine through the window

3. Listening to Music helps a lot and makes the process a lot smoother (I’m even listening to Music as I type this)

4. And one major thing that has helped me is to The Book called “Caffeine for the Creative Mind” there is a lot of good exercises to help get you in the creative mindset.

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