Building on my own platform

Recently after listening to seanwes podcast I learned the value of building your own platform. By  building your own platform you have more control. Because all across the internet you see examples of those who have.

When I say building your own platform I mean you own what you build. For example how at first had started an etsy store. Then after the podcast I learned quickly how little control I had. By control is how they could shut down my store at any moment and whatever could happen. Another thing is the fee’s they charge. Yea they may be miniscule in a sense. But why pay for something when I can do it myself.

While doing it myself I can set my own price, have more control, free to do as I please. Sean had mentioned that those platforms are for people whom do not want to spend the time building something from scratch and what not. You have to take into account that you do not own it.

With as many articles and different mediums to start selling whatever why would you depend on someone else other than yourself to do it the correct way. You may be afraid of doing such a thing. Think of it this way if it fails whom would I have to blame other than myself. But if you do fail you will learn from it, better then someone who had their hand held through the whole process.