There’s no chance to fail if

When I came across this quote I was a little surprised. More so because those whom are persistent with not giving up they eventually reach their objective. By that I mean they get to where they want to be. Instead of those who have family,friends saying you need to get a Job because what your doing is not working. Well despite all of the people telling them what they should do they make it.

They make it because they set goals and grind daily. While others are out partying they are working on their dreams. Another thing they realize is time matters. Time is something that we cannot get back and it will slip through our hands like water. Just think of how many things we could have done or be doing that is more productive than going shopping and etc.

Really what are you willing to sacrifice for your future? Because right now is the time that matters. I know that it will hurt you a little or a lot inside to sit inside and work while others are having a great time. I am not saying having a good time is bad. But in actuality when you know you should be doing something else be honest with yourself and do it. Be Persistent


Key Points to remember

  • Do what you know you should be doing
  • Stop wasting your time
  • Be willing to sacrifice
  • Put the effort in and go all the way
  • Be persistent