Burning out vs fading away

We all have at some point or another experienced what we call a burn out. Well when this thing happens it can be detrimental to our work ethic. Recently things I have been doing have allowed me to work through what I would call a burn out.

The way that I am able to avoid being burned out is to know when I’ve reached my limits. The discipline of knowing your limits will allow you to take a step back. But at times we are so caught up in our ways that we cannot picture taking time off. Maybe there’s some of us who do not get tired of doing anything.

Then you have those who just crash and burn. By crash and burn I mean you see them constantly in certain places. Then after awhile you see them slowly start to fade away. The cause of this could be multiple things ranging from losing motivation, boredom, not seeing the value in it.

I for one have experienced a burn out and also losing motivation but it was not pertained to designing. I had took it upon myself to record my life for a whole year and upload it to youtube. At first when I started I did not know what to expect.

The thoughts I had in my head was how in the hell do people do this every day. By the way while I was doing this I was in college and working. So you could only imagine what a time constraint I was on at the time.

But anyhow after the first couple of months I was not wanting to do it anymore at all. You know when you start doing something its fun and then after it starts to become a job and un fun. When that happened I made a promise to myself that I was going to make it to the year and then after I would either stop or keep going.

I am referencing my Youtube experience because I got burned out. When you reach the point of “this is not beneficial to me at all” so I think its time to go out at the point I am at.

Now when you see these people who get famous online they are so popular. But overtime you notice they start to fade away. Another thing is people just stop caring about them like they used to. Because they have a gimmick that cannot sustain the notoriety that is strong.

When it comes to your career or passion you do want to know when you have lost passion. But you have to remember there is going to be times when you find it hard to gain motivation and many other things.

Setting goals to meet is a valuable skill to do. Because this will allow you to be more capable to avoid a burn out. Just think of it this way you are working out (exercising) and you are doing cardio by running on the treadmill. You are running and running to the point where you feel your heart beating so hard you can almost throw up.

So you start to slow down and take it slower and slower. Throughout the whole time you were running you did not have a comfortable running pace and you were running without a sense of control and etc. Now setting goals will allow you to be more in control.

You may want to post a picture to instagram at a certain time each day. Well you know what you could do? You could go out for a day and take multiple pictures to your preference and then when the time comes you could upload them to instagram.

There is no need to make things hard on yourself. Especially now with how simple things have gotten for us to use.  Some things even have automation and that is a good thing but sometimes if used improperly can be a very bad thing.

So exert some discipline in your life and have a solid direction of where you want to go and accomplish.


There’s no chance to fail if

When I came across this quote I was a little surprised. More so because those whom are persistent with not giving up they eventually reach their objective. By that I mean they get to where they want to be. Instead of those who have family,friends saying you need to get a Job because what your doing is not working. Well despite all of the people telling them what they should do they make it.

They make it because they set goals and grind daily. While others are out partying they are working on their dreams. Another thing they realize is time matters. Time is something that we cannot get back and it will slip through our hands like water. Just think of how many things we could have done or be doing that is more productive than going shopping and etc.

Really what are you willing to sacrifice for your future? Because right now is the time that matters. I know that it will hurt you a little or a lot inside to sit inside and work while others are having a great time. I am not saying having a good time is bad. But in actuality when you know you should be doing something else be honest with yourself and do it. Be Persistent


Key Points to remember

  • Do what you know you should be doing
  • Stop wasting your time
  • Be willing to sacrifice
  • Put the effort in and go all the way
  • Be persistent

Knowing when to take a break

When you notice that you brome a workaholic it can be hard to take a break. For example if you are used to working with taking a short break, then changing that routine can be hard.

Another example is if you are working a day job and at night your working on your actual dream job or startup. There are many things that you can compromise for overworking. Your health is one main factor.

If you don’t have the energy then how are you going to be able to keep up. I for one do not need more then 5 hours of sleep. But I exercise regularly and do not need more then that. For you it may be a bit different. Therefore not all of us are the same.

To put things in simple perspective remember to take care of yourself. Listen to your body and your soul. If your working on a project or dealing with a client learn how to say ok I”m going to take a break.

Realizing you’ve wasted time

This is at times something very hard to admit. Whenever I do not have a structured day I feel as if I’m just all over the place. When you schedule your day you don’t have to be upset at not getting anything done. Don’t live in the fantasy world of thinking being busy is a sign of progress.

When you are busy it depends on what you are doing. It is so easy to waste time on reddit and many of the various other sites. Because once you finish reading something you want to find another to read. The similar thing can be applied to taking drugs, food and etc.

Just to keep this short.

While your wasting a day you have an less and less time to get your desired goal achieved.


The effects of mismanaging time

Whenever we wake up sometimes we do whatever. Or we do the normal schedule wake up, eat breakfast,shower, drive to work, work our hours and then come home. Then we eat dinner, watch a little TV and then go to bed. In those hours that we are awake how many of them are we actually using productively.

When I say productively how are they being used to help us to do more then exist. Because I personally am not going to let time go to waste. When I am watching a documentary or movie or taking a break from the computer I am always doing something. Whether its liking photos on instagram and seeking inspiration from whatever its for a reason.

The reason makes everything fall into place. This may sound like over working well to some it may and to some it may not. You have to get a handle on your time. Because there is not an unlimited amount of time you will get in your life. It may seem as if that is true currently in your life. But in all reality we are not put here to stay whether you want to believe it or not.

When you just waste a day you are setting yourself back. By setting yourself back you are letting the necessary take a back seat. Because you and me both know that there are things that you need to be doing or that you want to do. As a result of you wasting time you have no idea when you will start or even finish them.

Once you get a system going this can even be writing down your daily schedule or writing a to do list for the day. When you write off or delete the things you do its a great feeling and you will feel a sense of accomplishment for the day. So I will leave you with this

Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends.” – William Shakespeare