Failing Publicly and learning from it

Well I want to be honest with you that  I completely failed with my etsy store. The idea that I had for my store was not good as I expected it to be. Of course I did the a good amount of promoting. But the thing was not having control.

Another thing was for example you all would visit here and then have to leave and go visit another site. In regards to not having control was more so that I could have my store closed for no reason. The plans are to regroup and come up with another game plan.

Possibly redesigning my site overall.  I have been wanting to revamp to a more professional looking site and something that is more navigable. I also want to say thank you all for following along with me and all of your support.

Because I have at the bottom of store/freebies section of this site more wallpapers will be updated soon. But I failed to do so. I am sorry for not updating more often. As I stated earlier I am going to regroup and relaunch my calligraphy work the correct way.