Failing to learn

I still have been applying to hopefully secure a graphic design position. But there was one thing that I did wrong. On my resume I had a careless mistake. The mistake was have just one single letter that was a mistype. I immediately caught the mistake compared to the first time.

But the thing I want you to realize that if I did not improve as a designer then I would not have seen the mistake immediately. This is something that I have noticed about myself. The other day  I was looking through my old schoolwork and I realized the changes that I would make and then what I did wrong.

Then the realization that I have improved skill-wise and I have improved the way I see design. The same thing can be done for you as well. The amount of discipline it takes to want to improve in every way possible is almost insane. Because you have to dedicate yourself to the grind of day after day. Failure after failure which then leads to success after success.

Remember this that failing is not a bad thing if you continue on the fact that you failed and do not take the time to realize what you could learn from it and what you did learn from it.