How to stay consistent

Staying consistent is really not difficult as you may think. Because at times we start something and then just burn out. But in actuality the real thing is not wanting it bad enough. Also realizing the effects of you not staying consistent.

When you have a reason for staying consistent you have an end goal. For example if you are cooking dinner you expect to have food to eat. Then another example is if you are producing a logo that can be used on multiple pieces of branding material, you expect it to be very strong conceptually and visually.

Disciplining yourself to say I am going to continue doing this no matter what till I see results. Then after you say to yourself I am going to stick with it and you start seeing results keep going. Because you are just scratching the surface. Which means you do not get lazy and quit.

So here is how I stay consistent

  1. Realize that I do want to do this (my current task/goal)
  2. Believe that I can do it
  3. Take no days off
  4. Constantly seek inspiration everywhere
  5. Know that I am not going to put out crap work just for the sake of it
  6. Fight through the crap work
  7. Set a goal to showcase a new piece of work somewhere for everyone to see
  8. Realize that at times it will be stressful and seem impossible but do not give in
  9. Do not be afraid to experiment with different techniques and etc
  10. Remember to have fun

There are many different techniques to stay consistent. Because I know that not everything works for everyone. These are a few that I use to be able to stay consistent.