Reality is my Drug

Being a designer and not dealing with reality is a tough thing to swallow at times. Because we can get so consumed with thinking we are making progress when really we are not. By progress I mean improving and doing what we need to be doing. Such as promoting your work, learning a new skill and etc.

Whenever you try and deny the truth(reality) things can get interesting for you. I learned to embrace the harsh truth of reality. Doing so has taught me to be more honest with myself and to stop kidding myself. Looking into a mirror you are seeing yourself. Take some time to ask yourself what is something/s that I have been putting off for so long? and what are somethings that I know I should be doing but not doing.

The simple things can range from ordering new supplies to reading a book based on your profession and or learning a new skill. Because those who progress are continually experimenting with different things until they get it right.

So remember there is nothing greater than the truth and being honest with yourself.