Fix your thinking

Fix my thinking you may be saying  what does that have to do with anything. Well for example if you are working on a project and you feel not capable of doing it, it will most likely turn out bad. The reverse is the same. If you are confident and believe you can do it then you can.

But with this type of thinking you do not want to fake yourself out. For example you don’t want to pretend like you know how to program ruby on rails and or python script. Because therefore that is what will result in a bad combination of you just taking on a project for money.

The problems that you have don’t matter. The way to fix the problem is to fix your thinking about the problem. If you are wanting to improve from your current situation fix your thinking. The same thing is for if you are designer wanting to improve your skill. Taking action and believing that you are going to improve will do wonders for you. Belief may sound cliche but it works whether you believe it or not.

So remember this that the way you think about a situation determines how the situation will turn out.