The value of being honest with yourself

If you are not being honest with yourself its time to start. I for one have always did my best to be honest with myself. Because you don’t want to be a designer that is living in some fantasy land. What I mean is being a designer that thinks their work is the best in the world. Not saying having confidence is bad. More so if you have a small portfolio then you have to get to work.

Because I have built up my calligraphy portion of my portfolio now I just have to get to building up my branding portion and web design. Don’t wait to start upon doing what you know you need to do. Simply start today and get to work. You have to realize that you may have a plush design job at the moment. Also you have to realize how many people out there are wanting your position and are willing to work harder then you.

If there is a skill that you do not have stop thinking oh I’ll be ok without learning it. Then later on in life you’ll be saying I should’ve taken that class. You may not need to learn another skill in your industry or you just are happy with what your doing. Just remember to not be blinded by what can actually happen later down the road. With more skills your more valuable.