Make Everyday

Make everyday means to make something everyday. I had recently began participating in this. The way that I am is by doing a calligraphy piece every single day and uploading it to my instagram and I also make sure to devote time to designing every single day.

Devoting at least 1 hour to calligraphy and 1 hour to designing and sometimes more then 1 for designing. This system has really moved me in a positive way. Another activity is devoting time to web design. I recently tried my hand at a web design and I ended up getting frustrated and felt completely lost. Since I have been improving my coding through code academy it was time to learn the visuals of web design.

But let me stay on topic. Making everyday will allow you to get through the phase of crappy work to good work. I for one look back on my early calligraphy pieces and have no idea what I was doing. Then learning the flourishes as well took a good amount of time.

So if you are at a point and you have no idea what to do or you feel as if your work is not as good as it should be pick up a pencil and start sketching. Who knows where it may lead you.