All Hustle No Luck

This should be the mentality you have with whatever it is that you want to do. Whether its finding a Job in the design industry or launching a product. The results may not be turning out how you expected but you cannot give up. Think of all of the time you have invested to get where you are currently.

If many of the well known people in any industry gave up we would not be talking about them. There are a variety of things you could to be keeping track of your process. Really you should be keeping a journal anyhow. The whole aspect of keeping a journal will let you know what is working and not working.

One major thing that helps me keep going is to set goals for the week. Then on sunday I go back and check my goals. The ones that I did meet I check them off. For the ones that I did not meet I make sure that I set them for the coming week and achieve them.

Steps to keep going

  1. Keep a Journal
  2. Set a schedule so you will not waste time
  3. Set weekly/daily goals
  4. Continually strive to improve.