Be Your favorite designer

Being your favorite designer is what you should strive to be. When you have a favorite designer you try to emulate them. In that way you tend to copy their style and various other things. I will be the first to admit that I used to have favorite designers. Instead of saying they are my favorite they are more so people whom I look to for inspiration.

When I look to them for inspiration I learn how they think and approach design. Then I apply those tactics to my own work. More so instead of looking at a piece of work and saying wow that is beautiful I wonder how they did it. I learned that you have to go to the core.

Being your favorite designer takes some time to get used to. Being a copycat is not going to help you win any award or get a freelance gig. Copying someone may last for a while and then it will eventually die out. A good example is when I heard Paula Scher talk about how the typographic poster designs for the public theater was copied and killed by New York it shocked me.

So inclusion do you best to apply what you’ve learned from other designers to your work. Don’t try to original just try to be good. Also believe that the work you do is good. Because whether you feel your work is of top quality or not always strive to continue to improve and be positively influenced.