Learn how to Budget Your money properly While in Art school


When you start art school it can become a bit overwhelming. Then after that happens you do not realize the amount things start costing. You may have to buy sketchbooks more often. Then buying textbooks and supplies which will start to add up really quick.

Now there are ways for you to avoid having to buy textbooks simply because you can download ebooks for free. Honestly there’s ton’s of resources that are free and one that I use for ebooks is booksos.org . They also have a good amount of design books as well for free download.

What I did to budget my money properly while in school was to not buy the most expensive supplies I could. Sure I did once or twice. But honestly the supplies you use does not matter with the quality of work you do. Because for example you could own a ferrari and still not know how to drive properly. The main thing to remember is your skill and work quality depends on you.

The second thing is to be very frugal with eating out. This can make or break your bank account depending on where you go to school. Sometimes you can be tempted to go and eat at the delicious pizza place or get a coffee or brownie every morning. After you realize how much money you’ve spent you start to realize that “hey I could be using that money for something else”.

One main thing for you to remember is the difference between needs and wants. You can want to do a thing but in actuality to you need it. Learning how to say no is a struggle for some and easy for others. When you say no do not be afraid, you are simply demonstrating self control.

Also if possible get a part time job while in school to keep some cash in your pocket. There is nothing worse then going through college struggling to pay for supplies and etc.  There’s 168 hours in a week what you do with those hours depends on how your current circumstance in all aspects of your life will improve.