Go to every single class you have

using my camera to work the corner

I cannot stress this enough. While in school I seen so many people not come to class. Which was weird to me. Simply because you are paying for the class and not coming.

I will be the first to admit there were days that I did not feel like going to class. But I went anyway because I knew that I did not have a choice. Because if you are in college or wherever why would you sign up for a class and not go? These things are so simple to do. But also whats easy to do is also not easy to do for some.

Some ways to stay motivated to get your ass up and go to class

  1. You are paying for this class
  2. Why would you even waste time signing up if you are not going to go
  3. Think of the end result if you go and if you don’t go
  4. Your giving thousands of dollars away
  5. You will have to pay it back
  6. Are you thinking about the big picture or what you can do right now?
  7. If you think getting up at 8 for class is bad wait until you get out of school and join the real world.
  8. Its not hard so stop making excuses