How to network in Art School

meeting pan
Many of us whom are in or have been to art school may not have known how to network and become good friends with our classmates. There is a good reason for that simply because we are not taught how to. The way that you go about networking is to not be afraid to talk and let people know who you are.

You may be from a little town in the middle of nowhere or you may be from a huge city. One thing about opening up and talking to people is that we are afraid of being judged. You have to think about the other person whom you sit and stare at in class wanting to talk to that they are probably thinking the same thing.

Alright so lets get to the main topic on how to network in Art school

  1. Stop being afraid of what people think
  2. Surround yourself with people that are better then you (The same thing can be applied to many different aspects of life)
  3. Simply just saying hello will initiate a conversation
  4. What are you scared of?
  5. You will grow the more you surround yourself with like minded people
  6. Each of us needs all of us
  7. Be the person whom your dog (pet) thinks you are
  8. Be a real person (If you come off like you are someone you are not people will find out sooner or later)
  9. Have something to offer
  10. Do not think of the relationship being beneficial to just you
  11. Make sure your network is a reflection of the type of people you enjoy hanging around
  12. Have fun and grow your network not just in school use their contacts and they can do the same with yours
  13. Remember that this is a daily process and not a one time thing
  14. Do not be afraid of people knowing you. (The type of people that know you will depend on the type of people you have in your network)

What are somethings that you use to grow your network?