What to expect when starting Art school

Manchester Art School Students, c. 1962

When I first started art school I had no idea what to expect. You may think that you will spend all day drawing and etc. But in actuality it will be the total opposite. Because you have to learn the process with how designing, illustrating, web design and etc goes from beginning to end.

Then after learning the basics and moving to more advanced classes the workload can seem to overload your brain. When you have projects that will seem to be insanely huge the best thing to do is to work your ass off and get them done ahead of time. Because the worst thing is to be finished with a project the day before and have to get it printed that night. So have the project completed to the best of your ability the at least 2 to 3 days before.

Doing what the project requires or blatantly ripping off an idea that you seen someone else do is not allowed whether in school or in the real world. You may get away with it in the real world but eventually you’ll get caught and the same goes with art school.

Partying or designing can be a tuff decision to make. Simply because your in college and you feel that’s what college should be about having fun and whatever else you can think of. But the main thing to remember while your going to parties, skipping class and not doing your school work your paying for it. The professors are going to get paid regardless if you show up or not.

So with that all said remember

1. Go to class

2. Do your work

3. Partying is only temporary your future is more important

4. This is not high school

5. Being the class clown in college nobody really cares

6. People actually want to learn in class

7. Your paying for this class so go and get your education

8. If this was easy everybody could do it

9. Remember sacrifice a good time now for a great time later

10. Leave your ego and whatever you feel your entitled too at home nobody knows of you yet

11. Have fun with this and love it