Helping Other designers

Needs, Desires, and Goals

This should be something that we all try to do. Because why not take the time to help the next group of designers avoid the same mistakes you made? and or sharing a video or piece of work you enjoy from a designer. I am pretty sure you read other design blogs and you see work they have posted from them self or another designer.

For some that may not make sense as to why would you want to share and promote someone else. Well I for one will tell you that it will return some great results for you. Depending on what your intentions are with posting the video,work and etc. There are some who will actually take time to email you and say thanks. Then you will have those who do not do so.

I feel one of the most worthless things you can do, when helping a designer is to critique their work and then not tell them how to improve it. Because you should not be on your high horse or whatever while offering help. Even though their are some who will not take getting critiqued well. You have to remember that being critiqued is how you get better.

A Great quote to remember

“Each of us need all of us, and all of us need each of us.” ~Jim Rohn