Working a Day Job While Pursuing your career

An Utterly Frustrated Jabari

I am not sure if some may be against doing this. But this is currently my situation. I work part time while searching and applying to design jobs. When I first graduated I thought everything would be easy peasy. Even though I am moving to another state so I will get a Job there.

Quickly you’ll learn that you eventually will have to do what you have to do to make it. Because you can graduate from college and think I am only going to do what I have went to school. While some of you may have the ability to do that and others that do not.

While working a day Job and designing at night do not lose focus. Because the system that is created it will take away your dreams. You could end up getting addicted to a steady paycheck and then end up getting comfortable. Once your comfortable in your position if its a place you are just at to pass time while pursuing an actual career you may get tired of chasing that dream Job.

You have to use what you learn from your day job and how you can apply it to your career. I for one always have looked at what can I learn from working this Job that is just to pay the bills while I get the position I truly desire?

So remember if its easy everyone would do it and that the world owes you nothing. Get out there and hustle and show that you want the position.