Craigslist Joe Documentary

I first learned about this documentary when I found a trailer on reddit or some website. The other day I thought of it so I did some searching and I was able to find it on hulu. Me personally I never really understood the use for craigslist.

Here’s a little short review on the documentary.

The way that it was filmed fit well into the way the documentary was meant to be. Joe starts out in LA then he manages to make it all the way to new york stopping in various cities using craigslist. Then after New York he makes it to florida then new orleans then to San Francisco and finally back home.

Joe Spends 31 days living entirely off of craigslist. The people that he meets will show how great people actually are out there despite what the news portrays. After watching Craigslist Joe I now am paying more attention to craigslist.

Enjoy the documentary here for free.