Oculus Story Studio


After watching this I became more interested in what VR will become in the future. I am still not willing to spend the amount of money an Oculus headset costs though.


M.C. Escher Documentary

I had heard about M.C. Escher in class a couple of times but never really knew too much about him. This documentary shows how dedicated and infatuated an artist can get with their work and exclude everyone else. One of the many parts that amazed me is when he spent a whole year coming up with his own style of illustration or division something along those lines.

Craigslist Joe Documentary

I first learned about this documentary when I found a trailer on reddit or some website. The other day I thought of it so I did some searching and I was able to find it on hulu. Me personally I never really understood the use for craigslist.

Here’s a little short review on the documentary.

The way that it was filmed fit well into the way the documentary was meant to be. Joe starts out in LA then he manages to make it all the way to new york stopping in various cities using craigslist. Then after New York he makes it to florida then new orleans then to San Francisco and finally back home.

Joe Spends 31 days living entirely off of craigslist. The people that he meets will show how great people actually are out there despite what the news portrays. After watching Craigslist Joe I now am paying more attention to craigslist.

Enjoy the documentary here for free.

Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter

Charles and Ray Eames The Architect and Painter


If you have not seen this documentary I definitely recommend you take some time to do so. Learning about the Eames’s lifestyle and their approach to design influenced me a lot. I was also shocked by some of the things that happened along the way with their life and etc.

The Eames lounge chair is a piece of furniture that I will be getting because it is so comfortable and wonderfully designed. But back to the documentary. In this documentary you will learn the history of the beginning of Charles And Ray Eames, You will also learn a lot about how they ran their design studio. I’ll be the first to admit I do not agree with some things they did but I respect them both for what they have done for history and design.

The Architect and Painter

Let me know what you think of the documentary in the comments below.

Objectified Documentary


The first time I watched this documentary I had no idea what to expect in relation to product design. After watching it I definitely have a greater respect for well designed products. I really love the Dieter Rams part in the documentary.

Art & Copy Documentary [2009]


After watching this documentary many times it was a little history lesson in advertising. This documentary also taught me about advertising and how its done. The rotating of billboards I never thought of it as being such a complex and quickly moving business.


“The frightening and most difficult thing about being a creative person is that you have no idea where your thoughts come from really and especially no idea where they will come from tomorrow”

Helvetica Documentary

There have been countless number of times I have watched this documentary. The first time I watched it I really had no idea that helvetica was such a widely used typeface. The more I started to get into typography as of watching this I started to study fonts and learn more about them as a whole. Now I rarely if ever use helvetica in any of my work, I believe that frutiger is a more cleaner and well crafted font, Also Nue Haas Grotesk is overall more pleasant to look at to my eyes at least.


Whats your favorite typeface?