Sensitive Designers

As a designer we can become so attached to a project that we are working we do not seek any criticism in fear of being hurt. While I will admit I’m guilty of doing. When we become attached to a project our vision becomes clouded. The project may be the funnest one you’ve ever done but don’t limit your creative ability to just one thing.

So back to dealing with sensitive designers If you’ve ever experienced one you’d know they have never been critiqued honestly before. During the Critique they’ll have many excuses for everything and answers about why they did such and such. ( I used to be one of these people).

I learned that you can explain your whole process about why you did this and that but people will only see it from their point of view and not yours.

Remember this

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. – Albert Einstein

Getting critiqued is the only way your work will get better if you want to become a better designer.

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