Believing In your Design Skills Matters



Starting out as a designer and producing work can be such a hard thing. One main thing that involves is producing work that you enjoy and are proud of.  When you are first starting out of school you’ll soon realize that your protective shield from school is gone. Coming up with projects and getting projects to do is an art in itself.

You have to realize that the first couple of years your going to be producing work that is not as good as you want it to be. The way that you can get past that is to continue designing as much as possible. If you are serious about becoming a better designer you’ll keep going no matter what.

So finally I’ll share how I learned to believe in my design Skills and Work

  1. I started learning as much as I can about design even going back over what I learned in School
  2. I kept designing even if I didn’t get paid for it
  3. Looking at bad design work and seeing what they did horribly wrong
  4. I acquired a better taste for design

Because honestly if you don’t believe in your design skills who will? The more confident you are in your skill set the better you will become.