How to Build Your Reputation As A designer

Image rights Belong to John December

When I first started on my path to the design world I had no idea how to build my reputation. Because in Art school they do not really teach you how to go about doing such a thing. I tend to look at your reputation as a designer which will show people how it is to know you as a person and how it will be to work with you.

The first thing that I immediately did was to start connecting with people in the design community. Connecting with other designers will definitely serve you greatly. The way to go about connecting with other designer is to go where they are, That means go to forums, Blogs and leave good comments, following other designers on twitter (Beware of the people who think having a high follower count and a low I mean really low following count is the thing).

Twitter is one major thing that has helped me tremendously with networking and LinkedIn as well. On LinkedIn there are groups that you can join and network through those as well. Because the more you engage and interact with the discussion the more you’ll be noticed.

Heres the steps I took to build my reputation

1. Started networking with other designers

2. I had a portfolio site ( No A FaceBook Fan Page Does not Count)

3. I had business cards readily available

4. I Created my own Blog that you are reading now.

5. I immersed myself in the design industry

6. I was not afraid to talk to other designers

7. Seek out criticism even though it may scare you do to so

8. Remember that you are as good of a designer as you make up your mind to be