Defining the Visual Style of Southern Hip Hop


This was  a very good documentary to see how much of an impact a design company can have on a culture. The album covers that they designed are still classics till this day. I really am blown away by the number of clients that were said to have at the height of their time.


Beauty is embarrassing


I must say after watching this documentary Wayne White definitely inspired me. I feel I learned a lot more about taking the opportunities that you are given. Also the effects of trying to Mr big shot and think you can do so much work alone.  I recommend giving this a watch. It will teach you the importance of many things in life.

The Adobe Illustrator Story


This is a pretty lovely story on adobe illustrator. I must say it made me appreciate it a lot more. Well the whole suite matter of fact. Because if we did not have that available then I’m sure design would be pretty different then it is now.


Have a great weekend everyone


Casey Neistat’s Wildly Functional Studio


All I can say is that its pretty insane in how organized, how everything is placed and is made useful in the studio. I also like his sensibility of creating whatever he needed instead of just going and buying it.


Have a great weekend everyone

First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy


I came across the original video of the dancing guy a while ago. But anyhow I did not think about it on the same terms as is described in this video. Because being a leader is clearly shown by the dancing guy here. Then you have someone else who joins in and then more and then even more.

To keep it short do not be afraid to stand alone while others are sitting down wondering what you are doing. Because you’ll eventually create a similar thing from the dancing guy here.

Building the Pyramids of Egypt

This seems very do able in regards to building the pyramids. What amazes me is how they came up with this whole system of transporting the blocks and controlled the water level. This is a documentary I definitely recommend watching even if you are a designer or not.

Guitar Making


I just love seeing handmade products from the beginning to the end. What shocked me about this guitar is how many hours it took.


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