How develop your style from the past, present and future

Developing ones style is sometimes a difficult thing. The reason being is because a lot of people just start out copying one another. Well let me be the first to say copying is something that we all do. Copying is a way of studying. But you should never try to pass someones work as your own.

Because the reason you do not want to pass the work of someone else as your own is because it will discredit you immediately. You will have the label that you are a copycat. Trust me you do not want to ruin your reputation as a designer or whatever profession you are in.

So the first thing you should do is learn the history. When I started learning graphic design and going to school for it I learned a bit here and there. But it was me who took it upon myself to learn what has happened before. Then I learned the different styles of graphic design. Because every place in the world the design work has a certain aesthetic to it that makes it unique.

A lot of designers are influenced by the swiss design principles. Because the swiss design principles are what is very attractive. By attractive I mean simple and easy to understand from my point of view. For others it may be completely different. Which is good to be able to understand what works and what does not.

Just because a style of work looks cool to you there is not a reason for you to start doing it in everything.  You have to realize that just  because it looks cool to you that does not mean it will work for everything. Because a lot of designers fall into this trap.

So after learning about the past you want to learn about the present. By the present I mean you want to take time to learn about what is going on now. By learning what is currently happening you will be more in the now. Being in the now you will not get left behind and have a more familiar vision of how the industry is evolving and growing.

Learning about the future well there is not a way to do such a thing. By that I mean there is no better way to draw style from the future other than to develop your own style after learning from the past present and the now. Because with all this said your work should reflect the thoughts that you put down with your pencil or whatever tool and or tools you use to do your work.