Why I stopped Caring about Followers and Focused more on the content

We all know those who want to be seen as famous or popular with tons of followers on their social media accounts. The impression that I get is that the people are forgetting the content is whats most important. Also I also like to have the correct mindset and let the people know I appreciate them for taking the time to follow me and etc.

One thing I like to do is surprise them by checking out what it is that they are doing. This is as if I am connecting with them on a more personal basis. I also do not like to follow people just for no reason. The misconception about it being a numbers game is very wrong. Well lets get this straight there are people behind those screens (not unless you buy your followers or just do follow 4 follow).

When I stopped caring about how many followers I have I feel my work and approach improved to connecting with people. Because the connecting is whats most important. I also took the approach about putting out better work each time. At times  feel when I post something “what the hell was I thinking posting that?” then I say “I could’ve put more time into it”.

The reason is I do not want to waste anyone’s time who decided to hit the follow button. Because I made the dedication to go above and beyond what other people who use social media do. A lot of people just get followers and only post things about themselves and never reply or converse with those who they follow and etc.

When your following starts to grow it can be a little overwhelming as if you’ve got to be someone who you were not previous. By that I mean you feel you have a standard you have to live up to. Well first off you should remain the same way that you have been. Just that over time you have to continue to improve. Because we all want to improve to get better and better. When we notice that we are improving its all worth it.

So stop focusing on getting so many followers. The way that you get followers is by posting regularly, connecting with people in your profession and talking with them. Then its really just keeping up when no one is watching or you’re not getting likes or subscribers. You have to learn what you have to do and put in the work. Nothing is going to happen overnight so if you think its going to be overnight you’re in the wrong game.