My 2 years of posting on Instagram and new things

When I first started posting my calligraphy work to instagram I had first the idea of I was going to do it  just for a year and I’ll be done. But the more I kept at it and the better I started to get I could not quit. The reason I did not quit after a year was because I learned the saying show up for two years and then people will start to notice you.

Well It has been working out pretty good for me. At first I was a little upset when I did not see growth. But you know what I am going to keep going no matter what. Because what I do with it will be up to me. On November 10th that is the date when I will be launching my store to sell calligraphy prints and etc.

And one more thing i will be starting to post youtube videos in about a week or so. I have currently 4 videos queued up to post. So make sure you follow me on twitter, instagram, facebook, twitter youtube