What has happened in my life recently

Well a lot of good things have happened in my life recently. I have started a new job at FedEx office. Before I was working at officemax. At officemax I worked in the print department. The experience that I gained from working at officeMax as not bad. A lot of the things I learned I still will continue to use.

The coworkers that I had from officeMax especially my supervisor he trained me very well. We had a great relationship because he taught me a lot about designing in the real world. Another thing was the types of jobs that we did for customers. I also while working at officemax I was freelancing at Herman advertising for awhile.

The other day I just sat back and thought about how my life has been over this past year. When I all of the trials and tribulations that I experienced wanted to break me I smile. I smile because they are nothing to me now and are so easy. Then I take time and appreciate myself for surviving them.

At FedEx the culture is so much better and it at first was overwhelming. By overwhelming I was pretty touched by the amount of care that is taken into consideration when hiring people, the training and also how my coworkers take the job serious.

The Moral of the story is that you may be going through a tough time or in a job that you’ve been with for awhile and no longer enjoy, but you know what get out of there. There should be no reason for you to go into your job and get emotionally upset. The major thing I would say is to go where you are appreciated and not tolerated.

Learn to use what you’ve learned in a current position to propel you forward. Also do not be afraid to talk with people and network. When you take the time to talk to people and get to know them you will have an even better life. Remember that the conversation is not always about you.