Why confidence is key

If you do not possess the skill of being confident in yourself then lets talk for a sec. Because confidence stems from you having belief in yourself and what you are doing. If you have belief in yourself it will give you the mental strength to move forward towards your goals.

A lot of people don’t have confidence to stick with what they are doing. The people start out doing for example creating youtube videos. They post everyday and then they just fall off the face off of the earth it seems.

One of the main things I see time and time again is people not wanting do stick with something until they see a result. Just imagine how much more confident you would be if you stuck with that hobby you picked up. Maybe if you stuck with writing those blog posts you would get somewhere.

But with this said people do not have the correct mindframe that I am going to keep doing this until it works. Another way is that I am going to keep doing this and figure out how I can do it full time. Because when you start something its difficult and you do not have loads of confidence. As time goes on you will develop more confidence.

Confidence gets stronger over time just as if you were lifting weights. The simple exercises you can do is by doing that thing you are scared to do. By this I am referencing to getting out of your comfort zone. Being in your comfort zone is not allowing you to experience the full capability of what your confidence can do for you. Confidence can be mistaken for arrogance.

Yes there is a difference being a confident person and an arrogant person. An arrogant person is one who is all about themselves and not helping others. A confident person is fine with helping others achieve their goals.

When I was younger I will be the first to admit I was not confident. I was not confident in what I was doing. Then I was not confident in myself in any way shape or form. But you know I learned to use the experiences to help me develop the confidence in myself. One day I realized that I needed to stop hanging around certain groups of people.

Because confidence is key. If you are hanging around people who are not confident in themselves you will not be confident in yourself. If you are a creative person such as a graphic designer you more than likely will not have confidence in showing your work. No matter what way you try to spin it you want to do your best to protect your work and not get put down or criticized.

But once you learn that those who are critiquing your work are only trying to help you. The results of what you do with it depends upon you. Learn quickly to use your experiences and surroundings to a positive advantage for yourself.