Time is precious

Recently I got hired for a new position at a way better company than where I was currently. But you know what I had to do was be honest with myself and believe I deserved better. Because things started to take a turn for the worse.

Then I had to be honest with myself and say you know what I need to be somewhere where you are appreciated and not tolerated. You know when you have the feeling as if I am being taken advantage of. But you cannot take the time to let that keep happening over and over again.

The reason you may let this happen over and again is because you have gotten used to the way things are. Another thing is the money how its so easily obtainable and etc. But let me tell you first that money is easy to be replaced and time is not.

So you want to either focus on your happiness and or your current financial situation. Because I for one know what finances are important. But you do not want to die with your dreams in you. There is a difference in regards to go about doing something the smart way and or the stupid way.

You for one do not want to say you know what fuck it I’m quitting my job and have no money saved up. That would be absolutely asinine and stupid to do. You want to go about doing certain things a special way. I for one will continue to use the overlap technique to achieve what my all time desired goal is which is to be a full time freelancer.