How broadcasting live on Meerkat has helped me as a graphic designer and calligrapher

If you are still knew and you have no idea what Meerkat is meerkat is a live streaming app. Meerkat is what periscopes competition is. The community on Meerkat is great and I love the interaction. At first I was a little nervous with my first stream.

Honestly I don’t even think it lasted for more than maybe 2 minutes because I was so nervous. I had the thought in the back of my mind of doing live streams of my calligraphy and graphic design work. Then one day I just said f it and went full force.

The first time I was a little overwhelmed. The reason being was because I did not even expect people to actually want to see me work. With all of the support I have received its allowed me to continue moving forward. At times before I would have thoughts of not really producing work of a higher quality.

But now Meerkat has allowed me to focus on setting a standard for myself.  One major thing is to not take myself so seriously. Then other things are trusting myself and being more comfortable with failing publicly. Being transparent with my work and process is how I come across.

When I do streams of my graphic design process I am a little nervous because what if I mess up. But I tend to let the accidents happen. Because I want them to reflect me and how I work.

Broadcasting live can be a terrifying thing for some to do. But you have to just do it and go for it. At first it will be scary. But you know what it will be something you will never experience.

When I first learned about meerkat I thought to myself you know what I may give it a try and see what happens. Then I have been enjoying the community more and more and becoming a part of it.

So before meerkat I was producing calligraphy work daily and no one would ever see me do it. The same thing applies for my graphic design work. Well now let me get into how its helped me as a designer/calligrapher

  1.  more confident
  2. I have more fun
  3. I enjoy the process more
  4. Pay attention to the details more
  5. welcome failure
  6. Keep going even if I fail
  7. Be open to criticism and welcome it
  8. Slow down and take your time

Well with all of this said if you ever want to see one of my meerkat streams you can follow me on Twitter or on