Why motivation will not help you be a more creative Graphic Designer

We as humans like to experience many things that make us feel good. I for one know the power of how motivational material can change ones life. But the thing about motivational material is it can brainwash us to a certain aspect.

By brainwash I mean it can cloud our reality in front of us. Which can either be detrimental or beneficial. But I cannot see how it would benefit anyone in any way. I am not saying its a bad thing but you want to be honest with yourself.

Motivation or motivational material had me listening constantly to it but not taking action. So recently I was even more honest with myself and said ” You listen to so much motivational material and what did Gary vaynerchuk say? you are most likely not taking action you’re just listening.

Just listening think about that for a second. How many times do you read a book or hear a speech and just listen but you never act. If you are in a rut or down about being a graphic designer there is no one that can truly save you but yourself. There’s people who can motivate you and give you a boost. But none of that matters if you are not willing to take the first step.

You have to take action and stop wishful thinking and being afraid to work hard. The fear of why work that hard why do this, why do that. My thoughts are why not work hard? Why not give it my all. Why not go a little further with work for a client or whomever to see what I can do. But this type of motivation comes from within.

The only thing listening to motivational audio tapes, videos and etc will do is just give you a good feeling. You know the same as drinking at a bar or at home. The feeling is  good temporarily but in the morning you’ll think why did I drink so much and not control myself. I want you to realize that the wonderful lasting feeling is to take action and believe in yourself.

I will give you steps next week on how to began to believe in your work as a graphic designer it will be a three part series.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend.