How you can develop confidence and believe in your design work

This is one major thing that I always tend to say to myself. Because at times we can forget how far of a journey we have traveled to get to where we are currently. Another thing is to not change who we are as a person. When we remember where we came from the journey is worth it.

The other various things are to keep the fear of failing to avoid going back to where you were from. This is something that I constantly do with myself. Because I am not going to pretend as if I came from nothing because my father and step mother provided a great life for me. I just think in terms of if the city I lived in would allow me to achieve the things that I want to achieve.

I mean I know its possible but some people look at things differently. Also I wanted to have a challenge with succeeding. This could be looked at getting out of ones comfort zone. Because lets be honest if you are living in the same town you grew up in and not wanting more your just limiting yourself. But this could not be the case for you.

The main thing is that I am saying is to not pretend to be something or someone you are not. if you are a southerner no need to pretend you are not one. I used to hesitate with telling people where I am from when I moved south florida. But honestly why would it matter if I was from a place or not.

As this is said I want to tie this into your design work. You may be at the point where you are not confident at all. You may think ugh another crappy piece of design work. Well that’s ok to experience such a thing. Being a graphic designer you should want to constantly improve your work.

This is in relation to stepping out of your comfort zone. I for one was super comfortable working in illustrator compared to working in photoshop. When I freelanced at the ad agency for the time I did all we did was work in photoshop. Another thing was my current job we tend to use photoshop a lot.

In regards to all of this it helped me become a better and more confident designer and a more confident person. As well as trusting my design decisions. Because you will not have time to sit and sketch out ideas like you would in different situations. Which there is nothing wrong with sketching ideas out. Sketching is critical. But for some creative jobs that is not an option it just requires your creativity.

Remember to never forget where you came from and enjoy the journey. If you don’t believe in yourself who will?