How to hire a freelance Graphic Designer

When it comes to hiring a graphic designer it can be a brand new thing for many. You may have not idea how to even go about doing it. Also you may not know what to look for in a graphic designer. Well I will show you how to do it the proper way.

At first you are just searching freelance graphic designers in your area on google. Also you could even search Freelance graphic design and LinkedIn is another option for finding freelance graphic designers.

There is quite a bit of graphic designers on various social media. But you also have to be careful of the imposters. By that I mean of the people who pretend to be designers. The people such as whom will have amazing designs and seem amazing and so skilled but the work is not theirs. So do your research and even do a google image search of their work.

But if you notice they actually show process of their work then you can tell they are honest and who they say they are. So you are looking over their portfolio and seeing their skill-set. Which there should be no reason for you to do a quote on quote test project for a designer who you want hire.

When you give the ultimatum of doing a test project it gives the designer an impression of you are not sure if you want to hire them or not. Do you think you could go to a lawyer and say I have a situation and I want you to represent me in court and I will pay you depending on how it turns out. Or you would not go a doctor and say I need surgery but I want to test you out and see how you do. Stop with this nonsense and be serious with the goal you are trying to accomplish and have a designer solve.

Now communication is key with working efficiently with a designer. You want to always be in tune with whats going on and how the process is working. I personally tend to keep the client whom I am working with up to date with how the process is going. The reason for doing this is to let the client know they are getting their money’s worth and I am actually doing the work for them.If you’re designer is not an effective communicator this is something to be a wary of. Keep this as a main priority.

Paying your designer should not even be a question. You should be willing to pay the rate whatever the designer charges. There should be no negotiation and duel to milk the designer for a cheaper rate. Now when you negotiate the rate for a designer paying at least half up front as an initial deposit of what the entire project would cost. If the Graphic designer, web designer’s rates are too high for you then you will have to find someone who you can afford. Let the designer know if you cannot and the graphic designer or web designer may be willing to negotiate.

Contracts should be signed and in agreement with the project that is being completed. You want to protect yourself if there is any problems. The contracts are normally supplied from the graphic designer. But this would depend on the project and etc.

You do not want to try and take shortcuts on hiring a graphic designer,web designer, developer or basically any creative individual. Because you will not get the value you deserve. You do not want to get a copy of a copy. More or less you want something that is created specifically for you and not something throw into a bin and have people fight over what they could come up with to win the competition. Do yourself and avoid elance, 99designs, and the other run of the mill websites out there.

People run to these websites who do not want to invest in hiring creatives for their work. When honestly there are ton’s of graphic designers who are wanting to work with clients and will be willing to be a benefit to you and your organization.