Hate losing more than you love winning

When it comes to losing you have to hate it more than you love winning. You may be thinking how is that even possible to do that. Well it all stems from desire within. This is something that you overtime can develop.

You know how wonderful we feel when we win something. You should have the same feeling when you lose and you have to develop the mentality of hating losing more than you love winning. Because the more we take the day to day systems we have established in various aspects and do not make the change for something better we will get left behind.

When you lose it should not be just a temporary hurt. The feelings should be one of anger and hate towards losing. I’m pretty sure you have had times when you got so upset with not achieving a goal you desired. The goal could be various things or maybe even emotional things.

Failing to achieve a goal that you know you did not give it your all, all the way through. I will be the first to admit that there has been times when I said to myself  “you know you half ass job on it”. Then I sit and think about what I could’ve done better well you know how the story goes. A life of what if’s but I do not dwell on that.

Keep hustling and stop crying. You have to work and grind your wishing is not going to get you anywhere.