Hustle Harder



This is something that I have to constantly remind myself. Because we get into the routine of just doing enough to get by. When we are so capable of more than what we are doing. Because you and me both know we could do more.

Instead of giving 90% we can give at least 15% more. When we get depressed that we do not have clients flocking to us  or have a job where we feel we are being paid what we are worth it can be demeaning. As if that is all that we are ever going to achieve.

But let me tell you that its not true you are capable of more. Listen to who what you’ve been told by others. But remember you decide what is best for you. Then you have to believe in yourself and your work. If you are thinking I do not know if I will share this piece that I am working on. Well you will stay trapped in your little world of what you call design. Another thing is no one will be able to enjoy it (the work that you are doing that is) other than you.

Really with whatever you plan to do just always have a plan to go further in life. I mean you may be happy with where you are in life and feel as if Josten why do I need to go and try to get more. Well the thing to remember is your current situation is based off of the decisions you’ve made and what you’ve accepted.