Continued movement and still going strong


One thing that I am so proud of is that I am still going strong throughout all of the trials and tribulations I’ve endured. I’m pretty sure that you’ve been through some and you may be going through them right now. Well you have to keep at it and make it through them.

Because on the other side of the situation is what we all want to have. You have to continue moving forward meaning do not give up. I’ve experienced people who were so ignorant and no supportive of my goals. Well I know that I should not expect anyone to be supportive of my goals because they are my goals.

So therefore I should not expect them to be supportive. When this is a present situation that you can see right in front of yourself do not get out of character. Just keep your head down and focus on what you set to accomplish from the beginning. You may have experienced when you are out for a jog and your body just turns on a switch where your legs are just moving with ease.

This is the same way your mind can work. Because at first when you are just starting out running it will be hard and you’ll want to quit right away. Having the Mental capacity to be able to defeat the voice in your head that tells you stop wasting energy and just sit and wish for things to get better.

Continue moving and Keep going strong.